Goldmountain´s break into your heart






V: Sparkling don´t stop me know

M: Goldmountain´s all of me


full of teeth

PL 0/0

DNA Profil


both parents CMO-0 tested

unbegrenzt ZZl



open for stud only for selected females


Future Hope Croatia

VDH Saarland Junior Winner

Junior Champion VDH

Junior Champion KFT

Champion Slovenia

Grand Champion Slovenia


Goldmountain´s break into your heart Sparkling Don´t Stop me now Nibheis Chips N Salsa Rob du Moulin de Mac Gregor N´Gaston du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Jubbly Bubbly du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Vanessa Pai Vertragus Havasu Pai
Leonhard´s Miracle
Ronja Luxardo Star King Edward White Vanilla White Diamond olala X-Pression
White Headlines Pretty Lady
Chantal Happy Naux Anthony Happy Naux
Hanni Happy Naux
Goldmountain´s all of me Surprise Westie rocket the sky Rolling Dancer of Surprise Rolling Rock of Surprise
Pirouette of Surprise
Surprise Westie Punch Cocco Leonhard´s Supertramp
Lazydays Sassa Assa
Sparkling champagne on ice Can´t believe it Secret of Love Charly Geslander
Cindy Terra Gold
Sparkling Shine a light Sparkling a Bigger Bang
My Hairy Braveheart Top Secret