Goldmountain´s break into your heart






V: Sparkling don´t stop me know

M: Goldmountain´s all of me


full of teeth

PL 0/0

DNA Profil


both parents CMO-0 tested

unbegrenzt ZZl



open for stud only for selected females


Future Hope Croatia

VDH Saarland Junior Winner

Junior Champion VDH

Junior Champion KFT

Champion Slovenia

Grand Champion Slovenia

VDH Champion

Ortenau Winner


Int Champion 


Goldmountain´s break into your heart Sparkling Don´t Stop me now Nibheis Chips N Salsa Rob du Moulin de Mac Gregor N´Gaston du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Jubbly Bubbly du Moulin de Mac Gregor
Vanessa Pai Vertragus Havasu Pai
Leonhard´s Miracle
Ronja Luxardo Star King Edward White Vanilla White Diamond olala X-Pression
White Headlines Pretty Lady
Chantal Happy Naux Anthony Happy Naux
Hanni Happy Naux
Goldmountain´s all of me Surprise Westie rocket the sky Rolling Dancer of Surprise Rolling Rock of Surprise
Pirouette of Surprise
Surprise Westie Punch Cocco Leonhard´s Supertramp
Lazydays Sassa Assa
Sparkling champagne on ice Can´t believe it Secret of Love Charly Geslander
Cindy Terra Gold
Sparkling Shine a light Sparkling a Bigger Bang
My Hairy Braveheart Top Secret


Goldmountain´s break into your heart

=>New "Champion VDH"

"Int. Champion"


"Ortenau Sieger"




Goldmountain´s close to me

=>New "JCH Österreich"







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